Week 2

This week we worked together in Fablab and printed a small gear for testing. Since Tapio and Jussi have more experience on dealing with PCB and 3D printing, we quickly went though the procedure of 3D modelling and printing.

Tiberio and Xiao read more tutorials on both 2D and 3D modelling and simulated a few examples to learn how it works.

A the beginning we were thinking about printing ourself the pot, but we thought about some problems with leaking. So we changed the idea to using a normal flower pot with an additional part attached to the bottom. This part has a pump, tank and a pipe that goes from the tank to the surface of the soil. The pump is controlled by an Arduino UNO with a humidity sensor we will design ourself. We changed also the design of reservoir, the idea of using an external one was abandoned because it's more user-friendly having only one piece of equipment. Moreover, using a peristaltic pump gives us more control over water flow compared to the coil-based valve we thought to create at the beginning.

3D model
3D model

And we did find a normal size flower pot for testing!

3D model
3D model
Tasks allocation:
Task Student
Materials Tiberio Galbiati
3D modeling implement Tepio Immonen
PCB design implement Jussi Parviainen
Sketching ideas together
Documentation Zifan Xiao