Week 4

This week, we focused more on the model design. We talked about some potential problems.

First, we agree that the teacher’s advice on our circular water dispenser. It can be difficult to deployed on a big plant with a lot of leaves because the diameter of the dispenser is short. One easy way to solve this is to make it into two components and assemble it when it’s needed. Another solution is to make it the same size with the pot which will not be in the way of planting.

Second, it can be not convenient enough for user to refill water by moving these 2 components (the pot and electronic part) aside. Tiberio suggests that we could make a hole on one side of reservoir so that we can refill through this without moving the pot.

We finally descide to use only a tube to water the plant from one point and use the sensor, which is inserted into the soil, to measure the humidity on the opposite point in the pot.

Progress on schematics design